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Laujac has been inhabited since Antiquity. By digging the foundations of the vat-house, some diggers discovered fragments of mosaic, polished axes , flints and potteries.
Later on, under the reign of Louis XIV, the d'Aujeard family owned the land of Laujac. Thanks to Colbert, Minister of Louis XIV, their social status moved up from wine trader to nobility. They owned Laujac until the XIX C. , when M de Villemot bought it, and had the castle built up. It is the same castle which is represented on the label.
Laujac is a beautiful example of neo-classic architecture inspired by the palladian villas.
A few years later , in 1824, M de Villemot sold Laujac to the Cabarrus family. The Cabarrus were traders and shipowners in Bordeaux. They sold Laujac to the Cruse family in 1852.
Until that time Laujac remained in the same family.

Following the footprints of family tradition, Bernard Cruse, continues to emphasize quality and creativity. His vision is to weave together the wines of tradition with those of contemporary innovation.

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