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Located in the heart of the Medoc area, the large estate of Laujac, spreads over 875 acres. It includes 2 vineyards listed as "Crus Bourgeois Supérieurs": Laujac on the beautiful hilltop made of filtering gravels, producing an excellent natural drainage, and Laffitte in the silty clay loam near the village of Bégadan.

The proximity of the Gironde estuary and of the Atlantic ocean, creates very favourable microclimate for the vineyard and the maturing of the grapes.

Below the vineyards, rich meadows are stretching in the polder protected by seawalls. There, the cattle of limousin breed and the herd of French Saddlebred breeded in Laujac, pasture peacefully.

The dung, produced by all these animals, benefits the vineyard in natural manure.

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