A little history : From Gaul to the Empire

Laujac is an ancient place name which most certainly finds its origins in the conquest of Gaul. In the Gironde area, names ending in « ac » usually serve to identify a Gallo-Roman villa.

While digging the foundations for the vatting room during the nineteenth century, the workers found mosaic fragments, polished axes, flint work and pottery.

For time immemorial this land belonged to the Aujeard Family, but following the Revolution it was purchased by Mr. Villeminot, who was a supplier to the Napoleonic wars.

He had the Chateau built in the neoclassical style in 1810.

Later, in 1824, the estate was ceded to the Cabarrus family, shipowner-brokers in Bordeaux and cousins of Notre Dame de Thermidor. They, in turn, sold it to the Cruse family in 1852.