In the winery

After rigorous upkeep throughout the summer, the grapes are picked when ripe. It’s harvest time…Les Vendanges

The grapes are de-stemmed, sorted and put into temperature-controlled vats where they are vinified according to the plots and vineyards they come from.

After alcoholic fermentation the fruit remains to macerate in the vats for a period of 3 to 4 weeks. The wines are tasted daily with our oenologist, in order to find the optimum moment to draw off the wine and send the pulp and skins to our vertical presses.

Maturing in French oak barrels lasts 12 months, during which time the wines are racked once or twice.

Then they undergo assembly and fining before being bottled at the Chateau.

Our wines are elaborated in order to maintain the flavour of ripe fruit throughout their development. Aging in oak barrels perfects the structure and balance.

The maturing process is adapted to each of our wines and will give them aptitude to age and become more refined as time goes by.