The Cruse family in Laujac since 1852

Alongside his wine trading business, Hermann Cruse began a policy of acquiring wine estates by buying Chateau Laujac in 1852, rapidly followed by the purchase of Chateau Pontet-Canet and Chateau Giscours.

Laujac wines already had a good reputation, but in 1816 the wine writer, Jullien, rated Laujac in the fourth level in his “Topography of all known vineyards” and likened it to the famous wines of Pauillac.

At this time the vineyard covered 100 hectares, between Laujac and Laffitte.

The CRUSE family then extended the Laujac vineyard to reach 140 hectares in 1890.

They undertook major modernization and embellishment works with the help of their famed estate managers: the Skawinski family. A beautiful Médoc style vat-house still remains from this time along with oxen paddocks, workers housing and a beautiful park. The Laujac site is included in the Inventory of Historical Monuments.